Slappe Lach

Slappe Lach

“Wat was de laatste keer dat je de slappe lach had?” 

— It was yesterday, during the visit of my long time best friend at home. Vega and I spent not less than 12 hours together, serving our brain with a cocktail of happy chemicals throughout time. As we built the Neuschwanstein Castle with the imaginary prince and his lovely people, the two minds of us were also rebuilt, this time in a more unusual explicit way thanks to our fragile yet brave honesty.


Vega, thank you.

** The question means, “What was the last time you had the giggles?”

Nice Try, Professor! :D

Nice Try, Professor! :D

The first time I read this email I was like, “what? seriously? that would be horrible! I can’t imagine the university full with red uniform, ugh!”

But then I realize it was sent today, the first of April. Lol. Our director has a good sense of humour, apparently. And Mariano made the jokes even better! Haha :D

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Exceed Expectations


“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein


E : The first few chapters should be really useful for you. And it is probably not too difficult, we are master students of course

T : The definition of “master student” here is a lil bit absurd. It’s like expecting fish to climb a tree

E : Hahahaha what do you mean

T : You know that picture about education? We cannot expect the same thing from different people. Now it’s the same case here, I am a master student but I am doing astronomy, not physics, apparently

E : But a fish trying to climb a tree will learn a lot, even when failing ;)

T : …… yeah and the fish will evolve….

E : Hahahaahaha exactly

T : Now I am the fish that is being expected to climb a tree

E : Yes, be the first fish to successfully climb a tree. Exceed expectations


— On discussing about what to do for Particle Physics Phenomenology course


The Highest Astronomy Program

The Highest Astronomy Program

Got this share from my supervisor. I made the right choice, apparently :)



Cycling in the Netherlands

Cycling in the Netherlands

What cycling in the Netherlands is like.. :)


Haha, that’s so funny yet so true. Almost always!

But someone told me to be always positive, though :)

If it’s cold, at least it’s not windy.
If it’s windy, at least it’s not raining.
If it’s raining, at least there is no storm.
If there’s storm, at least we don’t have to go to lectures!

Haha! :D